NCLEX-RN®: Practice Exam CAT Simulator & Flashcard Pack

  • The most realistic NCLEX-RN® exam simulation available
  • Created by Dr. Marnie Kramer-Kile (PHD Nursing)
  • An adaptive testing algorithm with questions that increase or decrease in difficulty just like the NCLEX-RN® exam
  • Exam that ends between 75-265 questions based on a 95% confidence level
  • 8 content areas with same percentage of questions as the 2016-2019 NCLEX-RN® test plan
  • 6 hour time limit
  • Metric & Imperial units included
  • All question types: MC, sorting, SATA (select all that apply), audio & visual questions
  • Summary score after you finish the test so you can see which of the 8 content areas you need to study
  • Individual content modules are available to purchase after you see your results
  • 3 Attempts
25% off – Now only $49

Flashcard Pack Included

  • 700+ questions from database with no time limit
  • Logout and log back in to continue where you left off
  • Mobile friendly – Take your flashcard pack with you wherever you go
  • Correct responses will display rationale
  • Incorrect responses will put the question back into the flashcard pack
  • Apply tools and strategies provided by Dr. Marnie Kramer-Kile
  • 3 full attempts of entire flash card pack of questions




           What will I learn?

  • What the 2016-2019 NCLEX-RN® Test Plan encompasses
  • Understand how the NCLEX-RN® CAT functions
  • How to manage exam anxiety
  • How to apply strategies and tools to exam questions
  • How to manage my 6 hour time limit


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