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This is the first Canadian-Based NCLEX-RN® online program for Canadian-Educated Graduates. I have prepared these resources with my 8 years of experience working extensively with writers of nursing registration exams.

I knew that our nursing programs were addressing the majority of content on the NCLEX-RN Test Plan, but that our students required more active strategies for test preparation and content review.  In order for first time and repeat writers to find success on the NCLEX-RN® they must find a way to restructure their study approach, align their content review with the current NCLEX-RN® Test Plan and find ways to engage with content that incurs understanding.

My approach to NCLEX-RN® preparation is focused on active learning strategies that help students:

  1.  Consolidate their nursing program content
  2.  Increase their application and critical thinking skills
  3.  Integrate these skills into a high stakes exam environment


Limitations of other NCLEX-RN® Review Programs

  • Do not provide students with a study plan
  • Focus primarily on practice questions
  • Lack consolidation of content review
  • Do not provide reliable strategies for approaching questions
  • Are reliant on passive learning strategies
  • Emphasize memorization


For nursing programs to increase their passing rates they must target the 30% that are not passing the NCLEX-RN® …………..not the 70% who will pass regardless of the resources they use.


How is this learning platform different than others?

Our resources are structured to improve critical thinking and decision-making for future nursing practice.  This program has more value because it contains modules on each of the client need areas, a pharmacology review course targeted to the NCLEX-RN®, unique study strategies and exercises, and a Computer Adaptive Testing training module and practice exam. In addition, it is created for Canadian-Educated graduates by a Canadian nurse educator.

NCLEX-RN®: Study Program – First Time Writer

This interactive program is designed to assist nursing candidates in preparing for the NCLEX-RN®. The program has been prepared by an experienced nurse educator who has had extensive experience in preparing both new and repeat writers of both the previous Canadian Registration Nurse Exam (CRNE) and the current NCLEX-RN®.

Content of the Study Program:

  • A detailed 15 week Study Plan
  • Comprehensive review of all client need areas
  • Pharmacology Interactive Online Review Program (see details below)
  • How to create Study Maps & Content Maps
  • 20+ Interactive Study Maps
  • Case Studies
  • Computerized Adaptive Testing Preparation Strategies
  • Practice Exam with summarized content area results

*Comes with a 100% Money back guarantee if unsuccessful on the NCLEX-RN®
*4 month access to program

Institution Package

  • Student Purchases Program at a Reduced Rate- $189.00 plus GST (regular $289)
  • Institution offsets student cost by paying a base fee for Course Orientation/SSL Certification and Hosting/Faculty Access/IT/Online support:

50 students: $1000.00
100 students: $2000.00
150 students: $3000.00

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NCLEX-RN®: Pharmacology Study Program

*Note-the NCLEX-RN®: Pharmacology Study Program is included in the NCLEX-RN® Study Programs (First Time Writer)

The breadth and detail of the knowledge required of pharmacological concepts often overwhelms new graduates when they are beginning their exam preparation. The purpose of this pharmacology study program is to help you work through the vast amount of pharmacological knowledge required for the NCLEX-RN® in a systematic and purposeful way. This guide organizes content using the current NCLEX-RN® Test Plan and provides specific strategies to address pharmacological areas of review which may challenge new graduates. This includes drug-to-drug interactions, specific adverse reactions due to drug therapy and the potential reactions associated with herbal therapy and conventional medications. The content is focused on a systems approach and will direct you towards important information within each drug class. This is a working guide, so while key information will be presented and organized for review, it is up to you to do the detailed work of content review by answering the questions and exercises in each Module.

There are a total of 19 Modules covered in the Pharmacology Study Program

  • Module 1: Understanding Drug-to-Drug Interactions
  • Module 2: Understanding Serious Adverse Events
  • Module 3/4: Drugs Affecting the Respiratory System
  • Module 5: Drugs Affecting the Nervous System
  • Module 6: Drugs Affecting the Gastrointestinal System
  • Module 7: Vascular and Cardiac Medications Focus Tx of Hypertension
  • Module 8: Drugs for the Treatment of Various Cardiac Disorders
  • Module 9: Drugs Affecting the Urinary and Renal System
  • Module 10:Anti-Infective Medications
  • Module 11: Antiretroviral Medications (nonHIV)
  • Module 12:  Antiretroviral Medications (HIV)
  • Module 13: Drugs Affecting the Endocrine System
  • Module 14: Antineoplastic Medications
  • Module 15: Medications Given in Mental Health Contexts
  • Module 16: Drugs and the Intra/Ante/Post-Partum Client
  • Module 17: Pain Management and Anesthesia
  • Module 18: Specialized Medications in Critical Care Contexts
  • Module 19: Additional Strategies for Working with the Pharmacology Study Guide

Institution Package

  • Student or Institution Purchases Program at a Reduced Rate- $89.00 plus GST (regular $149)
  • This course may be used to create a fourth year Advanced Pharmacology Elective course
  • It may be integrated as a resource for existing courses

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